Best Hair Growth Vitamins. Read about Biotin and Hair Loss


Hair-Loss-PreventionRegardless if we are women or men, we all wish to have a beautiful hair, healthy, thick and shiny. But this aspect depends very much on the way our hair grows. Many of us face an issue of hair falling, the growth of hair being slowed down by this aspect. Or we have to handle hair that grows thin, tern and fragile. It doesn’t matter what shampoo or cosmetic treatments for the hair you are using, because the problems are not on the outside, in so many cases. If you want your hair to grow beautifully, you will need to feed it with the right nutrients. So the matter should be treated from the inside.


It is a very high chance you won’t get all the vitamins for hair growth and minerals your hair needs to grow as it should, from the foods you eat. Pollution, our busy lifestyle and bad eating habits deprives our body of some nutrients that are essential for the organism’s processes, including hair growth. So it is best to introduce them in our body with the help of supplements. There are vitamin complexes specially created for hair growth and its health. Keep on reading if you want to find out what the best hair growth vitamins are, and what benefits they will bring you. Also, it is important not to use synthetic products, even if they claim to get you the most fabulous hair in the shortest period. Synthetic products may have unwanted side-effects on your body if you use them for a long term. It is best to encourage a natural hair growth, by using only natural vitamins for hair growth.

When it comes to having a gorgeous hair and stimulating its growth, you should know that vitamins B, are something that should not miss from your diet. Biotin, also called B7, or niacin, called B3, together with vitamin C, were shown in numerous studies to enhance hair growth. So if you want to see your hair growing with a faster speed, you must make sure that you are getting all these hair growth vitamins. Vitamins E, A and D are also helpful. Vitamin E will promote a healthy scalp, which is the support of your hair. Vitamin A is great because of its anti-oxidant properties, being extremely useful for your skin and eyes. But, you need to be careful when taking vitamin A, because too much of it will not help you get a fast growing hair, but the opposite. So medical tests to point out the levels of vitamin A in your body and consuming foods that contain the vitamin, instead of taking supplements with higher doses, should keep this matter under control. And vitamin D will contribute to the production of a healthy follicle, which is essential for hair growth since the follicles are the ones that produce the hair strains. You may also want to make sure you get the proper mineral as well, like iron, magnesium, and zinc. Also, an intake of high-quality proteins will also ensure enough energy for the body, leading to a more dynamic hair growth.


As a man, are you afraid that you are going to get bald as older age approaches? Then you need to know which the best hair growth vitamins are, with the role of preventing hair loss and baldness at the same time. First of all, you should know that in the case of men, hair loss and baldness can occur because of various causes. It can be a lack of nutrients, needed to produce hair and maintain a healthy hair follicle, or it can be due to DHT, or the dihydrotestosterone hormone, which prevents precious nutrients from reaching the hair follicle. A diet consisting of fish and seafood, flax seeds, intake of vitamin C and zinc, should promote a healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss. In case, you notice that your hair is becoming thinner and rarer, hair growth supplements are something you need to take into account. Again, opt for the ones that have a natural content of vitamins and minerals, and avoid synthetic products, as they might have detrimental effects on your body. The best hair growth vitamins will always contain biotin and vitamin C, among other components that will complement their action because these two are extremely useful when it comes to encouraging hair to grow.


A lack of biotin in the body will cause hair loss. So you may want to adjust it and see if there aren’t any signs of improvement. Biotin, or B7, is a hair growth vitamin usually produced in our intestines, and can be found in a natural state in leafy greens, egg yolks and nuts. Thus, you may probably want to start changing your diet by adding these foods more often. Biotin is the one that will keep hair follicles developing and renewing the ones that are not productive anymore. Also, it will support the production of hair that is thicker, healthier, and even fuller, the hair you always wanted to have. Vitamin C has the role of protecting your organism, due to its anti-oxidant properties, but it is also responsible for the production of collagen. We are made out of collagen in one-third of our total body mass, so it is extremely necessary to produce collagen in a proper manner. This compound in present in our skin, ligament and our hair, obviously. Also, problems with dry and brittle hair are caused by free radicals to a significant degree, vitamin C helping your organism fight against these free radicals, which won’t only damage your hair, but also your skin and other areas of your body.

Thus, hair growth vitamins are not only useful for getting a better looking and healthier hair, but also for the proper functioning of your entire body. When trying to get a more beautiful hair, we will also get a better-looking skin and nails because they all need a proper level of nutrients to develop in a healthy manner. So it is best to take care of all nutrient lacks we suffer from, for an enhanced state of well-being.